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Oct 01

The Canadian Bill of Rights VS. the CORPORATE Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Sep 25

Hörður Torfason and Dan Marks of, discuss how Iceland’s revolution is a road map for American systemic change.

Icelandic Revolution Coming to the USA?

Aug 05

Sinixt Nation explains Sinixt law and the rule of law to RCMP at Perry Ridge cultural camp

Sinixt Nation elder and spokesperson Marilyn James sits silently in chair defending the rights of the future generations of Sinixt people as an official clanmother being supported by Sinixt Chief Bob Campbell who beautifully shares his knowledge around law, Sinixt rights and his beliefs to RCMP officers who were investigate the Sinixt for mischief for …

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Jun 23

Toronto G20 Exposed

Toronto G20 Exposed is an educational documentary that shows, in chronological order, the events that transpired over the G20 weekend in Toronto, Canada. While the mainstream media repeatedly broadcast images of burning police cars and broken windows, the cameras on the ground captured a far more terrifying story. Eyewitness video footage and firsthand accounts featured …

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May 17

How The Legal Name And SIN Card Has Enslaved You

Have you ever wondered why is it necessary to have a birth certificate in this country and many other countries like Canada and the United States? When you were born an event was registered onto a piece of paper, which your parent or parents signed with your name on it and signature of doctor.  That …

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May 05

The Ontario Liberals said for months the Oakville gas plant cancellation would only cost taxpayers $40 million

BREAKING: The Ontario Liberals said for months the Oakville gas plant cancellation would only cost taxpayers $40 million. The real cost? $310 million: Source:

May 05

Deryl Zeleny’s Campaign Against Legal and Financial Corruption in Canada

Link to Audio file of Interview with Captain Deryl Zeleny (Royal Canadian Air Force retired). Source:

Apr 29

Canada can’t account for $3.1B in anti-terror funding, AG finds

Canada can’t account for $3.1B in anti-terror funding, AG finds The federal government needs to do better at tracking and evaluating some of its program spending to ensure taxpayer dollars are being well-spent, Auditor General Michael Ferguson found in his spring report released today, and one of the most striking examples is that it can’t …

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