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The Canadian Bill of Rights VS. the CORPORATE Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Occupy Victoria: October 15th Rally and March

October 15th – Occupy Victoria – BC Legislature – Vinnie

October 15th – Occupy Victoria – BC Legislature – Dallas

Hörður Torfason and Dan Marks of, discuss how Iceland’s revolution is a road map for American systemic change.

Sinixt Nation explains Sinixt law and the rule of law to RCMP at Perry Ridge cultural camp

Sacred Spirit Of Water

Canada Under Siege – Part 1 – The Tar Sands, Free Trade, & Government

Canada Under Siege – Part 2 – The Economy

Idle No More Alberta – Sylvia McAdam

Decolonization – The Crown and AFN Gathering – Jodi Wilson-Raybould Speech

CONFIRMED: Loans & Mortgages are created out of thin air by the Banks

‘WHO k i l l e d CANADA?’

By The ‘Consent of the Governed’


Cansdian Awareness – Must See.

Introduction to the CAFR – Why You Can’t Get Ahead

The FALSE WAR ON TERROR – CFR Media Lies Exposed

Even The Troops Are Waking Up – A Fantastic Video – David Icke Website.flv

Trying To Control The World? We Do Not Consent! By Rob Menard

Tar Sands: The Royalty Rip Off