Action Plan

Action Plans

This is our first chance to show the world the true power of the people of Canada.

We need to come together, support, and help each other so that we can win the fight against the atrocities set forth by the Canadian government. We need to stand up for the good of all people.

We, the people, have grown this country by our energy. It is ours! All the systems are in place and the infrastructure is there for us to use. We just need to stop being slaves and take back our freedom. We, the people, will build our own systems for the good of all and we CAN do this, when we stick together!

There are no demonstrations, marches, or protests, therefore, it gives ‘them’ no reason to harm you.

Do NO HARM!! Act in Peace, 100%.

1. Understand the Canada, The Nation, Living Constitution, and join us. By adding your name to the growing list, you’ll see that you’re not alone, and will clearly show when we’re getting ready to move to the next stage.

2. Please print out as many copies of the Constitution as possible, and pass them out to others. Allow them to participate and get involved by helping to change Canada, the Nation.

3. Forward this site to everyone you know, and help them get involved.

4. Do not be swayed by fear , rumors, or gossip. Don’t fall for the normal traps.

The government as we know it, plays a lot of games, and fear is their big weapon used to control people.

Phase 2- 1,000,000 Sign-Ups

1. Stay strong and continue to use the action steps, above.

2. Do NOT make any payments. NO insurance, NO mortgage, NO credit cards, NO loans, and NO Line of credit. Now, here’s where the strength in numbers really pays off. By not paying our bills en masse, we not only start to free ourselves of the stress of debt, but this also takes away their power over your money.

3. All effort is needed, by as many as possible, to get the word out. Send out flyers, talk to people you’ve never met before, put ads in the mainstream papers or whatever you can think of, to get people involved. When everyone stops paying their bills, the faster the old system will collapse so that the people can take back their inherent rights.

4. Support each other during this sensitive time, and take care of your brothers and sisters. Change is not easy, and freedom is not easy, but it’s worth it in the end. Otherwise, the powers that be will create a very ugly future for us all. Fear is very powerful, and they have used it against you for your entire life. By supporting each other, it not only helps the other person to stay strong, but helps yourself as well.

Phase 3 – 3,000,000 Sign-ups or By Announcement


This is where we really start to exude our power! During this phase, everyone will stay home. No shopping, No work, No anything. This will bring the country to a complete halt. Use essential services ONLY!!!

This will send the final message, if it hasn’t been done already! In addition, this will also give you time with your family and love ones. Take the time to think and plan your future , what possibilities are out there for you?


The Interim Period Guidelines

Any person that breaches the peace or harms another within the interim period may be charged with treason against Canada, The Nation. Those that may wish to take advantage of the change must know that people will no longer be victims. “That harm to one is harm to all”.

Anything or anyone known as, or gets authority from the Government of Canada is hereby Dissolved, Foreclosed and assets seized. This Country belongs to the People.

Parliament of the Corporation of Canada is hereby dissolved and all members placed under house arrest. All Provincial Members of Parliament will be placed under house arrest. Pending investigation and charges. The thought of punishment or revenge should never be the intent but those that have done harm, those that have prolonged the process, should and will be held accountable for their actions.

The Supreme Council will enact; “The Inherent Divine Rights of the Canada The Nation” and the “The Living Constitution” immediately. The power is the people.

There will be a National two week holiday to adjust. This will also allow the main turnover to run smoother. In addition, it helps with the safety and security of all areas.


A Military and Reserve Force will be deployed to support local Peace Officers.

a.) There will be NO marshal law. The military will work in full corporation with all local Police Services. All command functions will operate within the interim plan. Answering to the Chief of Security. All support is necessary in order to help those that need it. Also, to replace the current “Police Force” as there will be a number of current members that will not be able to make the appropriate change from Law Enforcement to Peace Officers. All Military personnel will be recalled to Canada, The Nation.

b) With the co-operation of NATO, the only point of discussion being the safety of the troops. They are counting on us in joint operations for their safety. We owe it to them to bring every one of them home safe.

Our brothers in arms have already sacrificed enough. They not only earned the right but deserve to be home, and to take part in their transition.

There will be a National NO FLY ZONE until further notice for all private aircraft. All commercial aircraft must have approval. We want to make it as difficult as possible for those that will try to escape accountability, or by trying to remove the proceeds of their crimes.

All Treaties , agreements, partnerships or anything by any other name will be put on hold until a detailed review. We have no idea just how much has been hidden or how many back room deals have been made. This Nation is no longer the slave of anyone or any other country. We, as a Nation, must uncover the truths of any “deals” and assure that not only our Nation is benefited, but that we as Canada, The Nation, are not taking part in harming our fellow human beings.

All Canada, The Nation, borders will be closed. This will be done in order to safeguard ourselves against those that may take advantage of this Nation’s birth.


All banks will be closed and their assets seized. All financial institutions will be closed and assets seized. Personal assets will be secured. These assets were gained from the people by fraud. By not following their own laws, these assets are the proceeds of crime.

All mortgages, loans, and credit cards made by financial institutions are cancelled, since they were never real in the first place.

All pricing will be reduced by 50% and frozen. Since there are no more taxes, no loans, etc., profit is no longer the biggest motivation for pricing. This is a simple reset towards the proper value of products.

All insurance companies will be closed and assets seized. They are a money and fear scam, and a forced produce of the banks. So, they are also involved in the proceeds of crime.

Bank of Canada, The Nation will be enacted and all banks and ATM systems will be open to personal accounts. This will happen as soon as possible which will allow those to access their money.

All company accounts will only operate within the interim plan.


All natural resource companies, Corporations, businesses or institutions will be closed and assets seized. The lands of this Nation belong to no one. The people of this Nation are the custodians and guardians. We, as a Nation, have much to do in order to save and restore our great country to the state it was before it was stolen from us.

All natural resource development is cancelled until a full review. There are so many great minds and that wonderful knowledge that has never be used. We have a great opportunity to use all available resources to better our lives, while restoring the lands and waters for the betterment of all.

All Corporation, company, and business assets are frozen. A full review of all companies will be done. Release of assets will be approved by the Supreme Council in accordance with Law. Accountability and truth. We have no idea at this point how many back room deals or laws have been broken in order for these companies to be there.


Court Cases are suspended until full review. There has been so much fraud and injustice done to our people. A full review and actions taken for all those in the legal system is necessary and acceptable for us as a Nation of Common Law to move forward with honor.

All warrants of arrest for those accused of crimes against the Peoples and the Lands of Canada, The Nation will be enforced. Full accountability.

There will also be a major review of cases and persons in custody. Priority is placed on releasing those being held unlawfully. We, as a Nation of Common Law, are duty bound to right the wrongs and choose to move forward with honor.


Those that wish to leave the country may do so, upon a routine security check at the border. Those that are a person of Canada, The Nation returning to Canada, The Nation, may do so.

a) International travel for the country will be suspended for those in-coming non Canadians.

b) All visas are cancelled. Those on visas within the country must leave.

c) All immigration is cancelled until a full review.

There is a lot of work to be done and as we develop as a Nation the people will decide on the methods and systems to best move forward. This will allow time for the best security, as the policies of the Nation are developed.

General Info

All knowledge and sciences will be released with the main focus on removal of fossil fuels. The benefits to the Nation are simply overwhelming. We still have no idea just how much has been hidden from us, and how many lies have been told. What new technologies are there? How many new frontiers are to be forged?

This is a great time to be Canadian!

Monsanto is banned from Canada, the Nation. The simple fraud and poisoning of our food supply and people most stop. The faster we end this, the faster the health of the people and the lands will come back.

All fluoride in the water supply is to be stopped.

Full resources will be applied to support the medical needs of all. Our people have been forced to suffer for too long. The repair to our health system is paramount towards the happiness of the people and the health of the Nation. Like the lands and waters the people of this nation need to be restored by all means.

Systematic call back to work will be announced to support the needs and to return the country to full functionality. There is much to do and with much reward. As the systems are coming on line, we will need to work together to secure the brightest future.

Major redistribution of properties and assets along with building projects to provide homes and shelter to all. There are hundreds of empty unused properties and buildings sitting, while our follow man is sleeping in boxes. “Harm to one, is Harm to all. “

Major change to farms and food production will provide safe, healthy food for all. This will eliminate the fact that we are one of the richest countries in the world, and we still have starving people. Our farms need to be returned to their glory, to repair the land and to support a way of life. This country has great people with wonderful ideas and knowledge we can all benefit from this.

All education will be suspended until the Elder Council reopens. Let the spaces be used to provide “home schooling”, daycare, or whatever other needs the people so chose. Let us take this time to use our Colleges and Universities to engage the ideas and strength of our young generations to build a great future.

Elder Council Elections to be held 90 days from the start of the Nation. This will have a full referendum with it, as well. This will be the first step for everyone to form the system they want. The people will decide if they want 13 or 30 Elders. The power is now in your hands.

Councils will be in place as fast as the local communities are able to do so.

Supreme Council Elections will be held no later than three years from the start of the Nation. This election will include all referendums on the Constitution, including all referendums the people ask for. With such a major change, a little time to make the need ground work is needed. This will also allow the power base to be formed…from the bottom up, where it belongs. As the people see the changes and have their local councils. They have now formed their Elder Councils and have some experience in the systems they want. Now with the knowledge that has been released and some time, the people now can decide how they want the Supreme Council to work.

You may be asking , how is this possible? Who is going to pay for this? You already have. We as a nation, are paying these corporations and banks trillions of dollars a year in interest alone. This is not taking into account the resources of this country that are taken from us every day for their benefit. How do you think 1% of the population has more than 90% of the worlds wealth? We have much to do and much to learn, all towards a great future.



Divine rights

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