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The future of Canada is at a crossroads and so this site was created in order to give us all a collective look at a way to improve and recreate our future.

There are approximately 35 million people in Canada, and even if a small percentage of us come together in a like-minded manner, we can conquer anything!

You are invited to be open minded and envision the possibilities that are offered here.

This site will give you a lot to think about with content and numerous videos, & websites that on a personal, historical, and nation wide scale, can re-shape our future.

I believe…

Every human being has the inherent Divine right to, but not limited to, free will, liberty, dignity, security, knowledge, an equal share of the lands and resources of the country, and respect for moral and spiritual values.

With ones inherent Divine rights, comes the personal responsibilities for ones actions, both in interactions with others or to the land.

Throughout mankind’s history, we have witnessed the rise and fall of many civilizations. We, however, have never seen such destruction and genocide on its lands and to its people, than what has happened within the last 100 years. As the people of this great land we know as Canada, we have witnessed the loss of our forests, pollution of our water ways, destruction of our farmlands, killing off of our wildlife and the general rape of our lands all for corporate greed. We have witness the genocide of this lands Original People’s, an estimated 100,000,000 souls in North America by the UN. The death of our men and women through war, which we still witness today. Again, for no other reason than corporate greed. The “Corporation of Canada” , the Crown of England and the banks, along with many other corporations are still run by human beings, and not only need to, but will be, held accountable for their actions against the people and lands of this great country.

I believe that human beings have a basic survival instinct and that we know in our hearts, we are in this world for a much higher propose, than to be slaves to the corporations.

It is time that the civilizations these corporations have created comes to a end. The time has come that the people of this land come together and claim their Divine rights and responsibilities.

The time for trying to fix the system from within, or by being flexible and submissive, is over. This is not a movement, nor a protest.

This great country, not only needs, but deserves, a new paradigm. We, as the people of this land, have the responsibility to our fellow man, our children, our future generations and ourselves to shape this paradigm and make it a reality.Our World is full of great knowledge and wisdom, from our history to its present day people. We have a great opportunity and responsibility to use this knowledge to build a great nation together…CANADA, THE NATION

By Mark Russell Fanjoy


The Living constitution

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